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Meet Jennifer & Marcella

Closing the deal is only part of the real estate process. Our team of professional, dedicated realtors will provide an entirely new, wholly complete home selling or buying experience. On both sides of the real estate transaction we recognize the many facets involved and are excited and prepared to help you with them all. Contract negotiation and advocating for our clients is our strength. Facilitating staging, clean-out and cosmetic improvements so that your home presents itself beautifully are standard services with our team. Upon purchasing, we will help you with a smooth transition by providing references for and assistance with all manner of required services from movers to home repair and improvement specialists, permit acquisition, home design & organization and more. Finally, once settled we are still there to help you get acquainted with your new neighborhood by sharing our extensive knowledge and resources about our beloved communities.

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Amerant Mortgage launches Midwest hub in St. Louis, Missouri

Florida's largest community bank, Amerant Bank, continues to grow the national footprint of its mortgage subsidiary, Amerant Mortgage, through acquisitions.


Buyers on a $2,500 budget can now afford a $400,000 home

Things are looking up for homebuyers on a budget as mortgage rates fall from their 20-year highs, according to a report published Thursday by Redfin.


Mass rounds of real estate layoffs still the exception, not the norm

Despite big rounds of layoffs by companies like Compass and Anywhere, payrolls throughout the real estate industry held firm in January, according to a report released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 


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